Between illusion and truth ...

With contemplation, respect, harmony and creativity my classes explore the whole being: focusing on the flow of asanas and pranayama in a conscious way. Each class, each position is unique, in the here and now allowing with total honesty to generate awareness with our own intimacy. It takes place in an environment of non-competition, where the mat is the safest place to experience the true and authentic Self. My teaching style is compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, inclusive, spontaneous and joyful. Where you are your own Masters, and here I am to accompany you.

Traveling my way ...

Hello, my name is Belén, here I will tell you a little about my journey .... Yoga has given me awareness and connection with the body, mind and spirit.


The tour began about 15 years ago in Palo Alto-California with Kelly McGonial who made me curious about Yoga. Then in London where my love, passion and commitment continued to grow hand in hand with my second home Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers London and Leslie Isaacson and Mary Mackie (British Wheel of Yoga).


Grateful to each of them who have known how to accompany me, guide me and awaken the best version of Me.


Throughout time I was specializing (with experience, training and curiosity) in mental health through Yoga.


The Universe and My Inner Teacher has also put me on the path of the NGOs where I worked and work Yoga in relation to stress, anxiety, depression, dementia, trauma, post-traumatic stress, insomnia, etc., helping vulnerable communities.

My classes are suitable for all people, my slogan is "Everyone can practice Yoga, you just have to breathe".

Today I give classes, masterclasses, workshops and online training reaching the Spanish-speaking community in different countries and also in English.

Today I continue to walk the path of mental health, making yoga one of the necessary intervention tools to empower, heal, generate expansion of consciousness and knowledge of one's own Being.


I currently live in London to continue teaching classes, workshops and training.

I have 5500 hours between classes, workshops and Master classes.


This was and will be a path of no return where I have been learning, experimenting, developing, motivating, and enriching myself from both my Teachers (alumnxs), Teachers of Yoga, Teachers of life, experiences, and my curiosity to continue. learning and inquiring.


Without all of them today I would not be who I am, immensely grateful!


My passion is to accompany and transmit, so that each one can make their own journey.


Grateful for making Yoga my lifestyle, my passion and my job.



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Transpersonal Yoga

Sessions 1-1 of Transpersonal Therapy together with breathing techniques, somatic experience from asanas and meditation in movement.

Duration time: 75 minutes


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Written articles

De boca en boca...

Yoga lessons with YogaBel has produced a very positive impact in my wellbeing. Besides the opportunity to have some time for me, wind down and exercise, I could take numerable 'tips' that I can easily apply in my everyday routine. Even if I am riding my bicycle or carrying the groceries, I became more aware of my body and posture. 

On the other hand, breathing techniques and simple meditation exercises I learned with Belen helped me to reduce stress and sit more comfortably with present emotions. As a psychotherapist, this has brought important benefits to my practice as well. 

Belen takes special care of the venue and makes you feel very comfortable with your own progression in yoga. She has an acute attention to technique and takes time to guide you individually. 

LB, London, Sep 2014

I've been doing Hatha Yoga with Belen, in London for almost a year now if not longer and I love it. Not only I feel fit but I find it utterly enjoyable and relaxing. I appreciate that Belen tailors the session according to our limitations and also to tackle problems as back pain (my case) and when she thinks we can be pushed forward she does so but always respecting our limitations. In all this time attending her sessions I never felt pain afterwards a session, which happened in the past in another studio.

ST, London, Sep 2015

Comencé con Belén con sus primeras prácticas en el 2012. Nunca había hecho yoga y no sabía lo que era. Belén me guió y el yoga me ayudo a conectarme con mis emociones y por sobre todo con mi cuerpo. Sus clases eran muy amorosas, empáticas y muy cuidadas.

Nunca me perdí ni una sola clase. Gracias por tanta bondad.

MC, London, Dic 2013.

La primera vez que hice yoga fue el año pasado porque tenía mucho dolor en el cuerpo. Conocí a Belén y desde que comencé (1 vez x semana, hoy 3 veces x semana)  he mejorado mucho mis movimientos, mi estado de ánimo y por sobre todo mis dolores son cada vez menos. Belén me da paz, su dulzura y profesionalidad hacen que disfrute de cada clase.


NG, Buenos Aires Junio 2017. 

Recomiendo las clases en Espacio Yogabel porque son pensadas en forma personal para el individuo o grupo a trabajar. Me siento muy cuidada y acompañada por Belén y eso hace que me pueda entregar y profundizar en mi ser a través de la practica del yoga. Disfruto mucho de la armonía que hay en el ambiente, la calidez de Belen que siempre me acompaña a descubrir nuevas posturas y los momentos de relajarme profundamente, donde aprendo a dejar fluir. 


NL, Buenos Aires Marzo 2018.


Each class is adapted to what each one needs. It is a journey that we take together where we experience, contemplate, grow and heal.

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